Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Kern in Space! Fun little game, reminds me of jetpack. via @duschwartz2

A tractor as a drummer in a country band
. Country as in Denmark, not Tennessee, but there seems to be some overlap in style.


Oil and Water mix in high shutter speed photography. Via http://www.evasion.cc

More ink meets water. via @behance

Humourous office doodles with some great textures from common office supplies. via @ behance.

E-Class Coupe. Design Awesomeness.

Love this identity. Great use of color, type, icons.

Interesting bridges via darkroastedblend.

Terrible Yellow Eyes, Cory Godbey's tribute to Maurice Sendak.

Insigne News

Posted some teasers for Mittwoch, an addition to my Montag/Dienstag line. It is an extended modern face. Cory Godbey's Blue Goblet Frames and Vignettes are available at MyFonts, along with Le Havre Rounded.

Got some deals on a Looj, Scooba and a Dirtdog. I love my robot slave army.

A reminder: speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary… that’s what gets you. - Jeremy Clarkson.
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