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Aviano Updated

The popular Aviano family has been updated to include two new weights, and the entire family has been completely overhauled with letterform tweaks, new kerning and new OpenType features. Aviano is an extended titling face with influence from the power and timeless beauty of classical letterforms. Aviano features extended characters for a formal feel, sharp, powerful looking serifs and geometric and consistent letterforms. Use Aviano as an alternative to Trajan. Aviano includes a number of advanced OpenType features including alternates, 40 unique ligatures and old style figures. The Aviano family was updated in 2008 to include a light and black weight. Be sure to check out the rest of the Aviano series, including Aviano Serif , Aviano Sans and Aviano Slab . Aviano is named for a small town at the base of the Alps in northern Italy

New from insigne: Blue Goblet Ornaments

Blue Goblet Ornaments are the ornament complement to Blue Goblet , a fun and whimsical brush script. These lively and cheerful ornaments can be resized and rotated easily without any loss of quality, and can easily be converted to outlines and modified. Combine them to form unique compositions or insert them into text to add some excitement to your designs. Please see the sample .pdf to see all 48 ornaments in action. Blue Goblet Ornaments is a collaboration between insigne Design and Portland Studios .