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Change It Back, IKEA.

The Verdana-Futura beat down is a big deal. Whodathunk it. I’m a big Futura fan. Like Futura a lot of my work is based on classical proportions and is geometric. Futura conveys sophistication with simplicity which makes it a perfect choice for IKEA. Verdana used to be one of my favorites…when I was a sophomore in college. I liked it because I didn’t know any better. Like many of Matthew Carter ’s well known typefaces, Verdana is designed to solve the technical problem of rendering fonts onscreen, not to convey artistic beauty. There were rumors that IKEA chose Verdana because they wanted a unified graphic identity across all markets. I’ve seen conflicting information on this. If true, it is the only legitimate reason to use Verdana. However: In Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Thailand for the languages Hebrew, Arabic and Thai, Tahoma is the approved substitute font. JhengHei, a Chinese sans-serif is the substitute font for Traditional Chinese in Taiwan and Hong Kong. YaHei wil

insigne Newsletter

I'm starting up the insigne newsletter. I've tried this in the past, but my custom sign up page was making it impossible to sign up! Subscribe to our newsletter for monthly information on our new releases, a promotion schedule and the chance to win the insigne font family of your choice!

Twitteroundup! Week 34

Interesting Luscher Color Diagnostik personality test. So accurate, I can't share the results. More info. via @Wiltonfoundry Design and Inspiration Mini-Luxury Living: 10 Small Homes Built on Tiny Islands via @dornobdesign Peter de Sève now has a blog ! via @corygodbey Saving my pocket change for this baby: Pershing 90 Yacht . Wow. 1950's Sci-Fi Magazine Covers. 15 Stunning Examples of Data Visualization via @theroxor, @Minervity, @buysellads: Ran across Great Articles. Old vs new: great logo redesigns. via @TheRoxor insigne Announcements Very excited about this: Aviano Didone on Typography Served! Working on an update for Chennai . It's been on an uptick of late. Two new weights planned and a rounded slab extension. Just fired off Sommet Rounded for the Modern Cyrillic competition . See what insigne fonts will be available for free and subscription use on websites through Typekit! New Sans Serif, Sovba. Critique in Progress at Typo

Aviano Didone

The Aviano series returns with a Didone or Modern face. Aviano Didone’s high contrast forms lend elegant beauty, luxury and romance to your designs and it’s extended letterforms provide strength and power. Aviano’s foundational classical forms give the face a look that is unique for Didone faces. Aviano Didone is a bold new interpretation of vertically contrasted type. Aviano Didone comes in five different weights and is packed with OpenType features. Want ball terminals for that logotype or headline? Flat serifs? Swash forms? Aviano Didone includes 102 alternate characters. Five style sets are available, and Art Deco inspired alternates, small forms, swash, titling and stylistic alternates. Aviano Didone also includes 40 discretionary ligatures for artistic typographic compositions. Please see the informative .pdf brochure to see these features in action. Be sure to check out the rest of the Aviano series which can be used as complementary faces, including Aviano, Aviano Serif, Avi

Sommet Rounded Updated

Sommet Rounded has been updated with new weights, Heavy and Thin. Also, there are new alternates and most importantly, Cyrillic language support. Available for 1/3rd off for a limited time.