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Yummo Yogurt + Smoothies

A new identity by Tad Carpenter, using Pauline throughout. Tad's blog, with process info and more shots. A Flikr Page with more shots. Good Ol' Pauline.

New from insigne: Sommet Slab

The Sommet family of typefaces has been updated with a new slab serif variant. Expanding on Sommet’s successful design principals, Sommet Slab is there when you need more impact and power. Sommet Slab is available with six weights and complementary italics and plenty of OpenType features. Sommet Slab features a tall x-height, and its letterforms are compact, perfect for when layout space is at a premium. Over twenty OpenType alternate characters are available, including friendlier upright italic forms, and a unique simplified lowercase. Sommet Slab also includes oldstyle figures and small caps. Use Sommet Slab whenever you need a powerful and contemporary slab-serif. Sommet Slab is 1/3rd off for a limited time.

New from insigne: Youngblood Antique

Youngblood Antique is a distressed non-connected formal script with tall, sweeping ascenders. Three variants are available, including an inked regular font, a font drawn with a dry brush and a distressed, grungy version. Sixty-four OpenType ligatures add a realistic, natural effect and ensure that no two letters in a word repeat. Youngblood Antique also includes OpenType ending swashes, and old style figures and 30 alternate characters that allow designers to customize the ascender and descender swashes. Be sure to check out the non-distressed original Youngblood . Youngblood Antique is 20% off for a limited time.