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Beastias Released

insigne is pleased to release Beastias! From the description: Beastias is a display typeface that has its origins in the logotype for insigne type design studio. The typeface was designed to be hybrid of styles, embodying insigne’s broad library. There are elements of blackletter, a script and a futuristic sans serif. Beastias is usable in any setting that calls for a futuristic looking typeface, and the name Beastias comes from its exotic and aggressive look. As with all insigne releases, there are a number of languages and OpenType features available. Beastias should be available soon from In other news, I am working on allowing sales from right here on the insigne website as well. Downloads will be handled by The insigne website is also due for an update; it will no longer be a non-updated redheaded stepchild. The blog is about ready to go into full swing, hold on to your hats!


I saw on TV the other day that the bedazzler is back. This can only mean that design is coming full circle back to a "gaudy baroque" stage. In: Pic of something horrible here. Out: BMW design.