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Inspiration Photos of stuff slipping into nothingness. Photography by Michel Rajkovic . Would love prints of these. Via @behance Ralph McQuarrie. Love this guy. Gorgeous Examples of Floral Typography Via @Linotype_com . Living Tree Art. Pooktre trees and furniture. Design How well do you know Famous Logos? Via @Linotype_com. Cory Godbey updated Terrible Yellow Eyes. Check out the great illustrations. Cory's Blue Goblet series is on sale at Prezi. Amazing presentations made easy. 'The Hut', new branding for Pizza Hut restaurants. via @idsgn Concept prototyping. Shirts, billboards, etc. See how it will appear in real life. Type The early days and work of @H_FJ. Funny story. NYT sends cease and desist for use of use of a black letter font similar to "the NYT's trademark "world-famous Gothic font" Neat info about the history of Times New Roman along with Font Bureau's new Starling. Humour Some humor over at Dark Roasted Blend. LOL. Me

Natalya Monoline, work in progress


♪The trending topic song continued: Iran, Le Mans. Ahmadinejad, AT&T is a fraud. Iphone, Red Wings go home.♫ Inspiration Amazing pic from Singapore. Love the above. Unfortunately I can't find the source link. It was via @typegirl Peter deSeve added his tribute to Maurice Sendak over @CoryGodbey's Terrible Yellow Eyes . Then grab Cory's Blue Goblet . Some great handlettering. Love these. Great use of color. Designer Guns and Gas Masks . via @behance Awesome hood ornaments. Flying Ferrari from the Future! Zoological typeface , via @swissmiss and @designworklife Geektastic Sneak peek into the Photo-Lettering beta via @houseindustries and @typegirl. Dell Does $3 Million In Sales Through Twitter. Humour Traffic Barrel monster creator arrested. Personal Did the taxes, caught a five foot long snake in backyard. I think he was with the IRS. Let him go to hang with his little snake friends, eat tasty woodland creatures. Also grabbed three gallon jugs of Tobasco . (Original, Ha

New from insigne: Kidela Sketch

Kidela Sketch is an energetic and eccentric serif typeface rendered in a sketchy style. The typeface includes 64 auto-replacing discretionary ligatures to extend the natural sketched look, oldstyle figures and small caps. Please see the sample brochure to see these features in action. More… Kidela Sketch is an excellent choice when you need a fun and interesting serif. Kidela Sketch is available at for 15% off for a limited time.

Coming Soon: Kidela Sketch

Just a taste...


This week on the interwebs, Jay-Z, Palm Pre, playing lots of Sims 3. Air France, Normandie, playing tetris, SAT. Design & Inspiration Cityscapes More on the Bing logotype. insigne fonts are packed with OpenType features. Here's a how-to on discretionary ligatures via Nice stop-motion film with those cool magnetic letters. Disney's UP Art Deco era posters. Typefunkography 3D stroke logotype based on Bello. via @fontbureau Cory Godbey's Terrible Yellow Eyes was updated on Friday. Includes a post by Justin Gerard . You can grab Justin's Biscuit Boodle series and Cory Godbey's Blue Goblet series of fonts and ornaments. Coolness CodeX Yachts Inside the $485-Million Airbus A380 Flying Palace Mentos frozen in ice cubes and Diet Coke. I love Ekranoplanes : (Ground Effect Vehicles) XBox full body motion controller . Bring it. Humour Funny Wolfram Alpha Responses. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter will combine to form YouTwitFace. -Conan via MarcoSuarez "

New from insigne: Mittwoch

Mittwoch is an extended modern serif and a new companion to insigne’s Montag and Dienstag extended sans serifs. Mittwoch conveys a graceful air with its high-contrast letterforms and its ball terminals, but also includes some unique touches that are unexpected for modern faces. Mittwoch includes four different weights and 50 alternate characters, including swashes, more traditional modern letterforms and simplified characters for titling or when a more unique look is needed. For complementary companions, be sure to check out Montag and Dienstag, also available from insigne.


Happenings on Da’ Web *Bing* Bing is live. Logotype is still ugly. Tried it out. Think I will keep Google as my default for now. Wanna know what Google Wave is but don't want to sit through a 1.5 hr vid ? Since fonts on the web are the big craze of the moment, here is one of the lesser known players: FontJazz . Apparently works by creating a .gif with all characters and a .js file to do client side replace. Yay, Office 2010 will finally support OpenType features! Kerning in word was just a bridge too far for MSFT apparently. Art Links Forest house, organic curves. Amazing. MIT's outbound calls during Obama's inauguration data visualization. Ultimate List of 32 Font And Typography Tools . Really useful list. via @sthursby Abandoned structures around the globe, great photography . Some Outstanding Typography Projects. via @sthursby Concept artwork for Star Trek and some other blockbuster films. Beautiful art, made entirely out of masking tape . This is a must-see. via @p