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Mittwoch Complete

Mittwoch is complete and off to Here's a taste. Available next week.


Fun Kern in Space! Fun little game, reminds me of jetpack . via @duschwartz2 A tractor as a drummer in a country band . Country as in Denmark, not Tennessee, but there seems to be some overlap in style. Design Oil and Water mix in high shutter speed photography . Via More ink meets water . via @behance Humourous office doodles with some great textures from common office supplies . via @ behance. E-Class Coupe. Design Awesomeness. Love this identity. Great use of color, type, icons. Interesting bridges via darkroastedblend . Terrible Yellow Eyes , Cory Godbey's tribute to Maurice Sendak. Insigne News Posted some teasers for Mittwoch, an addition to my Montag/Dienstag line. It is an extended modern face. Cory Godbey's Blue Goblet Frames and Vignettes are available at MyFonts, along with Le Havre Rounded . Got some deals on a Looj , Scooba and a Dirtdog . I love my robot slave army. A reminder: speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stati

Work in Progress: Mittwoch Black

Work in Progress: Mittwoch

Mittwoch work in progress. Modern font with ball terminals and some fun twists (see the e?). Part of my extended Montag and Dienstag line.

New offerings from insigne: Le Havre Rounded and Blue Goblet Frames and Vignettes

The Le Havre series is a series of geometric sans serifs inspired by the dignified era of the passenger ship, when getting to your destination was a delight in and of itself. Le Havre Rounded is a fun and new interpretation of geometric sans serifs. Le Havre Rounded features its sister family 's compressed capitals, low x-height and geometric construction, and its rounded forms lend it to be used in contemporary and technology settings. More… Le Havre OpenType features include twenty five alternate characters, ligatures and old style figures. The Le Havre family includes a spectrum of weights for many design options. The designer-favorite Blue Goblet series has been extended once again with Blue Goblet Frames and Vignettes. More… These animated and lively frames and vignettes can be resized easily without any loss of quality, and can easily be converted to outlines and modified. Combining them to form unique compositions or inserting them into chapter headings are jus

Coming Soon: Blue Goblet Frames and Vignettes

Just a taste of Cory Godbey's Frames and Vignettes. Be sure to check out his tribute to Maurice Sendak over at Terrible Yellow Eyes , including some new guest illustrator posts.


Misc. Stuff Went to North Carolina. Took some pictures. Watched the LOST finale . Darkside Locke = Awesome. Can’t wait for the Aliens to show up next season. I’m only half joking. Most (everyone I've talked to!) say if this happens the show has jumped the shark . I disagree. See the cast of Lost before they got lost . Lost badly to a girl playing Puerto Rico ...twice...her first time playing the game. Design Two insigne fonts were featured in Dieline's Top 15 fonts for Package Design . Mercedes ad, typography meets the matrix. Slab serifs are the new black. Autometrics. An often overlooked useful feature of inDesign. Interesting automobile design touches. CCTV birdhouse Check out Blue Goblet author Cory Godbey's latest project: Terrible Yellow Eyes Economy Good news. Fear subsides. But with unemployment at 25% in some parts of the country, will this last? Time will tell. Be sure to subscribe to our twitterfeed for all this 160 character goodness in real time.

Coming Attraction: Le Havre Rounded

Just a little teaser for my latest, Le Havre Rounded. A follow up to the original geometric sans, Le Havre . Available from MyFonts next week.

Justin Gerard

Justin Gerard is the man. We played soccer together in college, or I should say he played soccer and I watched from the bench. One time, he said I was his favorite freshman, so I got all kinds of warm fuzzies. I was just a graphic designer, but Justin was a real artist and used real pencils and stuff instead of pixels and vectors. And he's still pretty good with those pencils even though he is working digitally now. Justin's gallery and main website . Justin is an owner over at Portland Studios , and I commissioned Justin to do two fonts for insigne, Biscuit Boodle and the new Biscuit Boodle Ornaments . You can grab both for 20% off their regular price at MyFonts for a limited time. Be sure to check Justin's blog for some interesting information about his illustration process.


Time for our first ever Twitteroundup here at insigne. What I twittered about: Found some great movie trailer music to listen to, via Cory Godbey , who also is the author of Blue Goblet , Blue Goblet Ornaments and the upcoming Blue Goblet Vignettes and Frames. Also expressed my mild concern that Giacchino score for the upcoming Star Trek movie may be more Lost than Lost in Space. (And nothing in comparison to the awesomeness that is Goldsmith.) To the trailer music: Mighty Rivers Run Sons Of War Freedom Fighters Careful, this stuff might make your head explode or cause you to renact slow motion explosions in your office. Trust me, that's more painful than you think and I have the bruises to prove it. For something more sedate, I listened to some Copland and Bizet . Some Design Sthuff... 20 corporate brands evolve . See APPL with MSFT typography, Toyota w/Ford's, etc. Interesting story about the extended latin alphabet in action . A collection of old car and truck ads White Hou