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Paiute: A sultry script, perfect for vintage Vegas.

  Feast your eyes on Paiute, the sultry script that'll have your design looking hotter than a Vegas summer! This font is so seductive, it'll make your audience swoon harder than when Elvis was at the Sands. The exaggerated top stroke and sharply slanted terminals give Paiute a look that's straight out of the vintage Vegas scene. It's like the Rat Pack meets Marilyn Monroe in a smoky casino bar. Whether you're designing a magazine cover, book cover, or movie poster, Paiute is the perfect choice for that extra touch of va-va-voom. It's like sprinkling glitter on your design - except it won't get stuck in your hair. So why settle for boring fonts when you can make your project stand out like a sequined jumpsuit? Let Paiute help you bring that authentic 1960s Vegas vibe to your marketing. Your audience will be shouting "Viva Las Paiute" in no time! 40% off for a limited time.
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Eigerdals Slab: Add warmth to designs with this cozy, versatile, and friendly font.

Introducing Eigerdals Slab - the ultimate font for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your designs. This slab-serif font family captures the essence of the mountains of Norway and the streets of Stockholm, making it the perfect choice for design projects that need a touch of Hygge. With its top-heavy characters, Eigerdals Slab has a more approachable and warm feel that sets it apart from other font choices. Plus, its tall x-height, brushed and smooth look makes it both readable and stylish. But that's not all, Eigerdals Slab comes loaded with practical OpenType features like ligatures, unicase alternates, and a set of upright italic swash alternates, that can be fully utilized in software like Quark and Adobe suite. Not only that, it also includes support for a wide range of languages. Eigerdals Slab is an extension of the Eigerdals family, and its distinctive look pairs perfectly with other text faces. Whether you're using it for display work or longer blocks of text,

Atarimae, the hint is to use Kaeswaii when you want to infuse your products with a dash of inspiration and delight.

  Introducing Kaeswaii, a font that is ideal for anyone wishing to infuse their creations with a dash of inspiration and delight. It's ideal for producing fresh designs that will stand out thanks to its unique horizontal contrast. It has a joyful feel on account of its tall x-height, and its playful terminals give it a funky touch. Kaeswaii has enough variety to help your project look better than the rest with forty-eight different styles. Select from nine weights and italics for the standard, condensed, and extended styles. It has rounded corners and a luscious texture and a squishy, gloopy vibe. Atarimae, the hint is to use Kaeswaii when you want to infuse your products with a dash of inspiration and delight. It's ideal for producing fresh designs. Put a playful spin on your work with the unique personality of Kaeswaii's rounded terminals. Let Kaeswaii bring life to your ideas! Available from

Aviano Future Variable is a vigorous and futuristic squared extended sans serif titling face.

Because you demanded it, the Aviano series is back with a variable version of the futuristic sans serif Aviano Future. Aviano Future’s strong letterforms will make you look like a rock star. Aviano Future Variable is a medium-contrast sans serif titling face that has a bold and futuristic look. It has a bowed square shape which gives it an interesting appearance that is both unique and eye-catching. Given that it has a variable axis any weight can be selected with no loss of clarity or legibility. Aviano Future's expanded forms give the letterforms heft and intensity. Aviano Future is a powerful yet adaptable title face that builds on the award-winning traits of Aviano and elevates them. Aviano Future Variable contains a ton of OpenType capabilities and comes in ten different defined weight instances with "fast" italic forms for emphasis. Want to use more traditional rounded forms? Need swash forms? Art Deco alternates? Aviano Future includes 400 alternate characters. Twe

Haboro Squared achieves a balance between fashion and practicality.

  Haboro Squared is a formidable typeface, created for a variety of uses. Clean and consistent, it evokes the 1950s and 1960s. Haboro Squared conveys accuracy and utility with its clean, consistent strokes. In the 1950s and 1960s, designers and the general public began to reject the austerity of the war years in favor of a new sense of American optimism. This era is reflected in Haboro Squared’s gently rounded letters, playful alternates, and multi-purpose use. Whether you are creating a logo, crafting a website, or designing a magazine article, Haboro balances modernity with a hint of nostalgia. Haboro Squared achieves a balance between fashion and practicality. Even though it has an angular, modern design, it radiates friendliness and warmth. Haboro Squared works well for headings and brief texts. This collection of fonts consists of eight weights, from Thin to Black, each with a corresponding italic. Your design will seem robust and fashionable with so many options. Haboro plenty of