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Aviano Didone Critique: Last Chance!

Let me hear your comments over at Typophile .

Aviano Didone

There is a critique of Aviano Didone in progress over at Typophile. Weigh in here . And, for your viewing pleasure, I give you Aviano Didone's "Turbo Chicken."

New from insigne: Natalya Monoline

Natalya Monoline is the rounded monolinear companion to Natalya. Like its predecessor, Natalya Monoline has a smooth rhythm and flows fluidly, due in no small part to its reliance on the golden spiral for its ornate swirls. This makes for an especially harmonious script with timeless appeal. The typeface family includes five weights with three alternate variations of the ascenders and descenders and includes OpenType ligatures, oldstyle figures and ending swashes.

Coming Soon: Natalya Monoline