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Interview on Hypefortype!

I just got word that an interview I did with Hypefortype is up on their blog! They have some awesome stuff going on over there, with plenty of exclusive faces, and a tremendously well designed site. Check it out!

The Seven Deadly Sans...

The "7 Deadly Sans." from Hypefortype includes 3 from insigne. A very well designed type showing to boot! 

New from insigne: Savigny

Savigny began as an offshoot of Le Havre . Le Havre met my design objective of a geometric sans serif with a strong art deco touch. Le Havre’s primary inspiration came from the art deco titling of the 1930's, and the lower case was just icing. The art of the 1930s's is of particular interest to me, and I love the art deco era and it's art, and the simplicity of geometric shapes. I am mostly interested in designing display typefaces. In many ways Le Havre was the exact opposite of another popular insigne offering, Aviano Sans . Le Havre has very high ascenders, a lower case and is very condensed. Aviano Sans has no lowercase and extremely extended capitals. With the rise of webfonts I began to see Le Havre being used frequently online. It's short x-height and very tall ascenders made it difficult to read in on screen text settings as it was intended as display type. With this observation, I felt that there is more room for a geometric sans in the insigne catalo

Biscuit Boodle for free!

For a limited time, get Biscuit Boodle Regular for free. Be sure to check out the alternate, as well as the ornaments .