Monday, May 18, 2009


Misc. Stuff

Went to North Carolina. Took some pictures.

Watched the LOST finale. Darkside Locke = Awesome. Can’t wait for the Aliens to show up next season. I’m only half joking. Most (everyone I've talked to!) say if this happens the show has jumped the shark. I disagree. See the cast of Lost before they got lost.

Lost badly to a girl playing Puerto Rico...twice...her first time playing the game.

Two insigne fonts were featured in Dieline's Top 15 fonts for Package Design.

Mercedes ad, typography meets the matrix.

Slab serifs are the new black.

Autometrics. An often overlooked useful feature of inDesign.

Interesting automobile design touches.

CCTV birdhouse

Check out Blue Goblet author Cory Godbey's latest project: Terrible Yellow Eyes

Good news. Fear subsides. But with unemployment at 25% in some parts of the country, will this last? Time will tell.

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